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If you are residing in metropolitan cities, traffic jams, road repairs and accidents are the most common scenarios that can be seen in day-to-day life. This subsequently affects the transportation choice of travelers. Though these drawbacks of public and private transportation systems can’t be fixed they can be partly resolved with the Car Rental Application services.

As per the real facts, a person books a rental car in 5 minutes without having to go through any sort of inconveniences. Especially, when you are traveling abroad for a business trip, you have to report the destination point on a fixed time and date. Thus, you don’t have to find a means of public transport. Thankfully, we have multiple ongoing Car Rental Application services that offer unlimited traveling benefits similar to a personal car. At the same time, your head is free of worries like maintenance, repair, insurance, fuel, or parking your vehicle.

Today, Car Rental Application development is the road to success if you want to expand your transport service business. Let us talk in detail about how to develop a Car Rental App, what should be the essential features, how much time it will take to complete the Car Rental system, and what will be the Car Rental Application development cost.

Car Rental App Development – Quick Highlights

Similar to healthcare, food, and taxi booking app, Car Rental App Development also follows a standard procedure for creating applications involving research, analysis, planning, design, development, and testing. Car Rental Application is something not extraordinary but has great significance for users. Such a Car Rental system and services are aimed to provide high usability and basic functionalities as discussed one by one.

1. Payment Integration

In order to structure and build up a successful business, you necessarily need compatible and user-friendly payment modes for your application. The choice of these payment systems should be based on their scope in the future. In addition to the standard PayPal or credit card, it’s a good idea to integrate Google Wallet and Apple Pay. Such payment gateways allow users to pay bills right through the app in one finger touch. So, you can either add these standard payment services directly or using a third-party product like WorldPay. The only difference is that you have to pay a certain percentage of each transaction, or a monthly fee.

2. Customer Registration

Every business focus to connect and grow their customers. To channel a simple and convenient way of registering new customers, many companies set up app entry through various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn that offer excellent API integration processes. But, among all these API connect modes, don’t forget about basic registration with the use of e-mail addresses and linking the account to the customer’s phone number.

3. Maps and Location

GPS is one of the primary tools to identify the car and ordering location. With the integration of maps API, you can understand the exact location, build the corresponding routes, and calculate the approximate travel time. Mostly, it is recommended to use the services provided by the operating system developers as this is a cost-effective and time-saving approach. No need to write any code and integrate the service into a Car Rental Application. But, if you are planning to implement other geolocation services, pick the most popular and used services in the required regions.

4. Development Platform

Nowadays, the choice of platform for Car Rental Application development is not so typical or complicated. In fact, it’s too easy as most of the users around are having either Android, iOS, or maybe both. When you develop a car Rental System, you want to cover the maximum number of users. Therefore, it’s worth making a Car Rental App for both Android and iOS platforms. However, if you are low on budget then you can go with anyone platform in the beginning phase.

Some Popular Rental Businesses

Renting a car is much cheaper and preferred idea for travelling longer distances. Moreover, it’s a feasible option in comparison to hiring a taxi. Thousands of Car Rental applications are available in the market for iPhone and Android phone users offering them an easy booking process even on busy festive days.

Below discussed are top five Car Rental Apps trending into the rental car industry.

Turo: One of the unique apps among different Car Rental system solutions. This service is available in the US, UK, Germany, and Canada at this time. The app allows the user to rent a car from an individual. Using it for a few days period, the user has to pay the rent to the car owner. The app is recently launched and performing comparatively well.

Orbitz: This all-in-one app eases users in booking multiple services in one go including hotels, car rentals, airline tickets, etc. Additionally, this intelligent app is programmed to offer a variety of travel tools to ease things. Specifically, this app can be used as a Car Rental Application only.

Kayak: Another all-in-one app that has a similar working like Expedia. This Car Rental App allows you to plan your entire trip covering air travel, hotel, and car rental. Moreover, it supports mobile-only deals, a trip organizer, navigation and airport instructions, and countdown timers to track your travel journey.

Silvercar: If you want to experience stress-free car rental services, this application is the perfect fit for you. It lets the user sign in, reserve, and drive roads in just a few taps without waiting for the car to arrive at its destination. Your car will be waiting, you just have to go and get into it. The rental car is loaded with benefits like WiFi, Bluetooth, in-dash navigation, leather upholstery, heated seats to make your car ride memorable.

Zipcar: This Car Rental system is the quickest and funniest way to rent a car. Though the services are available on a daily and hourly basis, it comes with gas and insurance as well. Available in many US states, pick a car of your choice, either a sedan, hybrid, van, or other.

What is the Cost to Develop a Car Rental App?

Before you initiate developing a Car Rental App, you must be aware of the total cost involved in the complete development phase. While launching a Car Rental App for the business, do keep the following cost factors in your mind:

>> Market research and business analysis of the proposed idea

>> Technical documentation for the project

>> UI and UX development

>> Android and iOS application development

>> Back-end development

>> Quality testing, bug fixing, and maintenance

*All of them may vary with the size and complexity of your custom Car Rental system.


In the final analysis…

The car rental business is one of the challenging startups one can start today as there is so much tough competition in the car rental market. With several technologies merging into the business, it’s the right time to develop a Car Rental App for your own enterprise too. Our Car Rental Application development company will give you an opportunity to innovate and research the best out of your rental car business. Let us together develop a Car Rental App for approaching heights in your rental services business.

Let your customers find a rental car in few minutes using smartphones and without stepping out of their homes. Our Car Rental App Development company will assist you in changing the outcomes of your rental business.

Develop a Car Rental App for your Business!

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