SocialEngine Is God | Best Social Networking CMS Platform Today

Clearly, every other online user is stuck and engaged with different social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the three most popular social platforms amongst them. Commonly, businesses are carrying a greater vision and hence utilizing a social networking content monitoring system (CMS) platform to develop an intriguing social network. Do you know the best social networking CMS platforms available for use today? Here are some listed.

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laundry app development

Redefining Doorstep Services | On-Demand Laundry App Development

In the revolutionary world where every simple task is managed via mobile app, on demand mobile applications have taken the user experience to the next level. For instance if an user hunts for a laundry service and they don’t find one then our On-demand laundry app development services are there for them. For business innovators who are thinking of launching their app but unable to create one by themselves, iByte team of laundry app developers is ready to help with the app creation process.

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Learning Virtualization From Base | Different Meanings Under One Roof

The term Virtualization is being overheard nowadays. Isn’t that true? What do you mean by Virtualization and how is it different from other trending technologies in IT? Few programs and applications fail to run on the limited hardware resource which ultimately poses a boundation to the users. To assist with that, Virtualization comes into play. This blog explains different interpretations to the term Virtualization, all put together to make the understanding simpler and clear. Give it a long read if you want to get through the different types.

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DevOps for Business

DevOps for Business | Drive in the Winning Benefits

Should you adopt DevOps for Business? Another major and trending question that comes to your mind when you have some idea, innovation or invention intended towards starting a solid business case. DevOps strategy is no different when it’s about to achieve a winning business case. Implementing DevOps for Business practices plays a key role in creating workflows thus saving a considerable time and money. Let’s improve software lifecycle predictability, build a corporate culture around innovation and set up high motivation levels for businesses.

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women in tech

Flip Flop Minds With Women in Technology

In the culture of equity, why is it hard to acknowledge Women in tech? In the past years, women have gained a lot of reputation in academia and workplaces. Thereby, it can be seen that their progress is swirling through all the classes irrespective of gender. So, why their role is biased especially in the tech industry. Is it hard to acknowledge women in technology? Well, this guide is an initiative to mirror the past practices and history of women in tech. Let’s step in and check out what’s gender equal and what is not.

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Best blogging platform

Hunting for Best Blogging Platform in 2020? | Explore a Profitable Niche

Do you find your interest in writing or blogging specifically? Creative or technical writing greatly serves your business or your personal interest as a niche hobby. Publishing a blog covers lots of opportunities for your brand and for your individual popularity score. Who doesn’t want to establish as a reputed authority or known as a leading popular blogger. Well, everyone wants to! Blogging helps in directing most of the web traffic towards your website which can be potentially converted into leads for the business. Sounds beneficial? To dig out all the blogging rewards, we have picked out the best free blogging platform 2020, especially curated for your business site or standalone blogs.

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Cyber Security Tools

Cyber Security Tips and Tools | Is Your Network Secure?

Network security is one of the overwhelming subjects of all time. Do you agree? Naturally, yes. Every online user tries to research for Top Cyber Security Tips and Tools important for individual privacy and business security. Network security is one of the necessary elements to protect the network, system, or applications from different kinds of cyber-attacks, unauthorized data access, and identity theft. With this comprehensive guide, we have tried to pull out best practices that can be used as Top Cyber Security Tips for Network security. Let’s quickly dwell in.

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Rethinking Virtual Space | Insights to Cloud Computing

We always strive for innovation in technology. Don’t we? In the world of apps, we are getting short on storage and processing power. That’s where Cloud computing services come into demand. There is unlimited stuff that is delivered by the Internet so the way to store and share information should be importantly redefined. Cloud Computing or Cloud Technology is one thing that will work in the long run. Let us first define and simplify the term Cloud to understand what Cloud means and what does the Cloud do via various sorts of service models.

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Best Design Tool

Design Tool Showdown | Adobe XD vs Photoshop

What’s the best design tool for your business in 2020? Invent of new and innovative tools for application development have posed a great challenge for the graphics designers. Though learning to work with the graphics tool and unrolling graphics becomes a bit difficult for the beginners. Gradually, adapting and growing with the design tools in the modern development phase becomes usual and common. Now, what else is required to any graphic designer? Find out the best design tool after making an apt comparison between various design tools. This comprehensive guide is basically a design tool showdown that will clear all your confusions in one go.

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Google Penalty

Is Your Website Penalized? What’s in the Google Penalty List? Sneak Peek

Facts can’t be denied and so we know how important is search engine traffic for online businesses, be it a product based company or services based. Marketing teams are constantly targeting unlimited links a day to achieve high search engine rankings. But are they aware that they are violating the Google SEO guidelines too? Most probably no! Well, conducting SEO for a given website is not that simple as it looks. You need to properly plan and implement the SEO strategies based on the latest Google algorithm updates. Remember, quality is differentiator! If you ignore it, Google Penalty is the next break.

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