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mobile app development cost

What’s the direct and easiest way to communicate with your customers? To help businesses grow and set up an effective marketing channel for the audience, an app earns primary importance. Mobile applications serve as a major tool for raising brand awareness and enriching customer experiences. A product or service gets no value if its delivery to the targeted client is not perfect.

So, if you actually wish to convert your ideas to a living business, an app can help you stand out in a crowd of competitors. Understanding the need for a mobile app, it’s time to evaluate mobile app development costs in accordance with your requirements and priorities.

What Are the Factors Deriving the Mobile App Development Cost?

You can find different ways of evaluating the cost of developing mobile apps. Modeling your requirements in accordance with the trending technologies is what makes a difference. Still, you can have a basic app cost calculator as,

Total App Development Cost = (Designing Time + Development Time + Testing Time) * Average Hourly Rate

mobile app development cost

Typically, a mobile app development cost will range somewhere between $2000-$1million+ depending on the project complexity. A larger number of components will require more development and maintenance efforts, leading to high app costs. You can get a developer for your business app anywhere around the world, but the cheapest app rates can be found in Asia and the highest in North America. Now that you got an initial idea about cost estimates, here’s a quick insight into all the key components involved in different phases of mobile application development.

1. Research and Plan Development

Try to figure out every technical aspect of your mobile app project starting with module creation, functionality flow, choosing the right app development technology, resource analysis up to its maintenance. Preparing app documentation will help you to create a better version of your enterprise application.

2. Decide App Complexity

App Complexity

The cost of developing an app runs parallel to its complexity and category. So, before you estimate mobile app development cost, it’s essential to decide its complexity as low, medium, or high. Higher complexity will raise you in market competition but certainly charges you more.

3. Choose App Development Technology

Mobile App Technology

Always consider the right technology for developing your mobile app. An ordinary mobile website, progressive web app, hybrid app, native app, cross-platform app (React Native and Flutter-based apps) are the various options available for kicking a high-performance app.

4. Innovate Your Mobile App

Innovate mobile app

You never know when your app becomes capable of doing innovations using emerging technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and others. With these latest trends, you can put minimal effort and reach out to the best app experiences. Our mobile app development company, iByte Infomatics will help you to reach out to the best results with minimal inputs.

5. Estimate Application Cost


Evaluating mobile app development cost becomes far easier when you are sure of the demographics. It’s quite obvious that you can hire developers from all around the world but that’s also a variable component. China and India from Asia play the lead app developers charging the highest rates, around $80 per hour.

6. Checks Over Maintenance

app maintenance

Developing a mobile app within the estimated budget is not the last stage of the funnel. What’s more? To ensure the constant running of the application, you need to implement regular maintenance in due time. Consequently, addons are the best way to improve user retention rates after months of the initial release.

In the final analysis…

Be it a simple or complex application, what’s more, important is the final product that is an app created to connect with the users. Therefore, you need to sit back, research the market, make a decision to suit your app development budget, and your customer needs in near future. Think about the latest framework you want to implement; the set of advanced features you want to offer and then we will help you in estimating the perfect mobile app development cost for your business. The total app development cost depends upon its complexity and levels of integration. The more time developer invests into the app creation, the more money they will charge from you. So, all you need to remember is that every new feature will cost you an extra penny. Therefore, try to keep the mobile app simple and basic with limited controls.

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