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Taxi app development like Uber

There are various factors affecting the cost of developing a taxi application like application architecture, features implemented, developers, and designer rates. This certainly means that nobody can’t predict taxi app development as cost expensive. Moreover, the principal thing you must know for creating a taxi booking app is that you are dealing with two different panels, one for the driver and the other for the rider. So, you need to hire a taxi app development team that can integrate and sync both the applications in one.

Make sure that you are clear with the targeted taxi app features before assigning them to the taxi app development team. So, if you are all set to enter the taxi booking industry then this segment is a perfect read for you. With this article, you can understand how to make a taxi app, what should be the basic taxi app features, and what will be the total taxi app development cost for your business.

Basics: How to Make a Taxi Booking App Solution?

Step 1. Find your Interest

Other than setting up a unique value proposition, it’s essential to find a niche in the taxi booking app market having low competition.

Step 2. Research for Requirements

Technical audits are important when we talk about taxi app development. Advancements can be done to the mobile app once the requirements are clear.

Step 3. Document Taxi Booking App

Write detailed technical specifications of product functionality, app architecture, and technology used during taxi app development.

Step 4. Create your Uber-like App

Divide the complete taxi app development process into several tasks, implement them on priority and execute unit testing to find logical errors.

Step 5. Deploy your Taxi Booking app

Deploy and release your taxi app solution to work in a live environment and ensure that it runs properly on every single device.

Must-Have Taxi App Features

Rider/Passenger App Features

a. Registration and Login Account

b. Ride Live Tracking

c. Receive Push Notifications

c. Manage Linked Wallets

d. Multiple Payment Options

e. Price/Fare Estimation

Driver App Features

a. Create and Manage Profile

b. Add Driver Availability

c. Manage Booking Information

d. Get Push Notifications

e. Cost Estimation

f. Location Navigation

Admin Dashboard Features

a. Create Sub Admins

b. Track Reports and Analytics

c. Payment Management

d. Multiple Profiles Control

e. Handle Customer Grievances

f. Virtually Block a Driver

Creating Uber-like App – Stages and Cost

Basically, the complete model to build a taxi app solution is divided into four broad phases as:

1. Research and Planning: Firstly, you have to plan a project successfully. Thereafter, under the supervision of a business analyst and software architect, you can assess, gather your business requirements. Once researched, create a technical document and a product backlog.

2. Development and Deployment: Secondly, a team of taxi app developers can start implementing the list of documented features for creating a Uber-like app. While designers can build the UI and UX of the proposed application.

On average, the above two-stage ranges from $10,000 to $15,000 with a timeline of 2-4 weeks. Although, the first app version can be expected in 3-5 months. Once the deliverable is ready, the taxi app development cost can be estimated more precisely.


3. Support and Maintenance: Once the initial product is developed, update in new and old features keep on adding. Subsequently, as a quality check, levels of testing can be conducted in the app maintenance phase.

4. App Promotion and Marketing: After the app launch into markets (for Android and iOS), the last step is to reach out to customers through promotional activities. Additionally, you can get involved with SEO, SMO activities and if your budget is high then go for marketing campaigns.

In other words, the basic working version consisting of a rider app, driver app, and an admin panel ranges from $70,000 to $80,000 per platform (iOS or Android) at an hourly rate of $40 (as per development rates in Ukraine). So, the time estimate for such projects is near to 5 to 7+ months. But, if it is a full-featured product, the cost ranges $200,000+ per platform. Additionally, if the app is complex then it ranges from $200,000 to $500,000.


In the final analysis…

In conclusion, accelerating growth through digital solutions and services is the prerequisite for every business. Certainly, after the launch of taxi services like Uber, most of the businesses have started investing in taxi app development to receive profitable revenue. Creating a taxi app solution requires major investment both monetarily and time-wise. So, always choose a development team that thinks technologically advanced and is capable of doing all that’s in your choice. In view of this taxi booking app’s popularity, we hope that you got a rough idea about taxi app features and their development cost.

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