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What is the priority thing you must do to keep your user community engaged and active? Generally, your audience expects more and more new features every time they visit your website or mobile app. SocialEngine solutions from iByte allow you to plug-n-play different plugins into your existing SocialEngine based website and mobile apps. SocialEngine Plugin Development helps to build multi-level user engagement with the integration of plugins that consequently enhances the communities associated with your business.

In other words, our plugin development team at iByte is expertise in multiple domains and understands best what is required by the customers. Keeping that little detail in mind, we develop SocialEngine Plugins that can assist you to run and scale your SocialEngine at optimal cost and effort.

Why Choose Us – Create SocialEngine Plugins

Our company iByte Informatics is one of the top-rated developers for custom plugin development. With deep domain expertise, technology skills, we work at achieving business success in the longest terms. We outsource rich, powerful, and reliable SocialEngine solutions to engage most of the real-time audiences hence leading a successful community. Above all, being a client-focused software developer in the UK and UAE, we have the required expertise and experience to develop amazing SocialEngine Plugins.

So, quickly bring your unique ideas to our SocialEngine Plugin Development team and we promise to transform them into the best custom solution for your business.

“One dedicated stop for quality, secure and essential plugins to build you SocialEngine community”

Basic Steps to Develop SocialEngine Plugins

1. Firstly, log in to the admin panel of your SocialEngine website.

2. Navigate to options as Manage > Packages & Plugins.

3. Under the “Developer SDK” menu tab, select “Create a Package”.

4. Choose the Type as “Widget”.

5. Set the desired plugin name, use all alphanumeric characters in lowercase.

6. Set a suitable title and description. This information is visible to all your clients.

7. Add the author’s name.

8. Set the version (can’t be changed).

9. Lastly, click on the “Create Package” option. Here, you will be redirected to a download screen where you will have the option to export the basic package on the local system.

10. After that, save it to your Downloads folder.

Note: We are choosing the SocialEngine Plugin Development environment as NetBeans.

11. If you are using NetBeans then you will find the files in the application/widget folder.

12. Open all the three files into the editor namely, Controller.php, index.tpl, and manifest.php .

13. Make the basic changes to the files and save them all (We are just creating a basic widget with few settings).

14. Jump to the Layout Editor and edit the blocks as desired.

Some Popular SocialEngine Plugins

Three SocialEngine Plugins
1. SocialEngine Event Document Plugin

One of the top extensions for SocialEngine development that allows the event owners to upload documents specific to the event. This plugin pins a document widget on the event profile page with an option to download. However, this download option is given to event members only. Moreover, the document list can be checked under the document tab added on the event main menu. While the supported document type includes pdf, ppt, docs, zip, etc. From the admin section of the Document Setting Page, there is flexibility to edit, delete, enable, and disable features. In addition, as you install this Event Document Plugin, you will see that two tabs will be added in the Event Admin Section for managing event document settings and privacy.

2. SocialEngine Testimonial Plugin

There’s no doubt in the fact that your satisfied customers work as a profitable marketing asset for boosting your business. Therefore, seeking its advantage, it’s best to utilize testimonials for the natural growth of the company. Not just an inexpensive way but also a simple way of proving the work of the company and hence convincing new customers to join your community of happy clients. This Testimonial plugin asks for positive testimonials from your customers as they visit the site. Once approved by the admin, these testimonials are listed publicly in order to leave a positive impact on the minds of new customers. So, that admin can manage the privacy settings for creating testimonials for different types of users.

3. SocialEngine Members You Know Plugin

Every social network user is curious to know who visited their profile and showed interest in them. So, this plugin helps people to reveal the members who have visited their profile along with showing a few more suggestions for friendship. The plugin is more a kind of user engagement plugin as the user is likely to send multiple requests to other users on the same platform. Thus, more friendship results in more engagement of members on the site. Subsequently, people communicate and share their personal photos, videos, and ideas with their network. Another two plugins available for improving user engagement are “People You Know” and “Who Viewed Me” that contribute majorly to getting engagement towards the community.


In the final analysis…

In short, plugins being the most essential software development component are incorporated majorly in enhancing the existing functionalities of any website or app. By offering SocialEngine solutions, we believe in gaining 100% client satisfaction with time-oriented delivery. Be it modifying the existing plugin, installing, or upgrading it, we aim to serve you better. In other words, our custom plugin development services will fit all your needs and thereby enhance your social media score value by making your site popular and reachable among a range of audiences. So, if you need any kind of custom work on your SocialEngine Plugin Development project, contact us now and get a free quote for your business plan.


SocialEngine Plugin Development with iByte professionals opens limitless opportunities for your business growth. Let us build your user community with SocialEngine Plugins

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