Figma Features: Comprehensive Guide to unlock the Power of Figma

Technology and startup news channel on 24th June 2021 were abuzz with the news of a tech startup reaching $10B in valuation. Without doubt becoming part of a unique group of companies that have achieved this milestone. As a result, It is proving a revolution that boosts virtual collaboration and changes the world for a long time. Still Confused? Figma is the company, if you’re still guessing. Yes, a web-browser-based application used for prototyping and user-interface design, figma feature allows designers to create and iterate together on the cloud. Despite being new, Figma features are loved by expert designers and developers all over the world.

While it presented a new way of working and collaborating with the world, the adoption of Figma was not as straightforward. In a world where traditional software dominated the working methodology, Figma is the contrary.

In this blog, we will discuss important tools of Figma that you should know about. Also, we will deep dive into the use cases of all these tools and move forward to the tips on how you can optimize Figma and take full advantage of its features. So just sit back, relax, and dive deep in.

What is Figma?

Based on a client-server architecture and running on a web browser, Figma is a stand-alone software that can complete any requirement for external installation. Without reservation it takes advantage of the web browser functionality on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Ultimately delivering an easy-to-use and interactive experience for designing. 

Divided into two sections being client side and server side. Where, client-side involves a user interface that handles user interaction and operations they want to perform. On the other hand, backend involves handling user authentication, collaboration, and file management. Its cloud storage has enough storage to support all kinds of your project, no matter the size.

Some of the most complex and highly appreciated features of Figma include Auto layout that helps in creating a responsive and adaptive design. In addition, its component states that will help you manage your component with dynamic and interactive designs.

How Figma got ahead of traditional competitors

In comparison to its traditional competitors like Adobe which were highly dependent on the operating system and physical architecture of the computer. To demonstrate you just have to download and install the software on the pc before using it yourself. 

Moreover, traditional systems lack support for the design systems essential for creating consistent and interactive UI. And the biggest of all factors is Accessibility, traditional software has limited accessibility with limited collaboration and community growth to aid the design. 

Figma ensures you face none of the problems. Hence, building consistent UI with seamless real-time collaboration that allows you to be consistently in touch with your teammates. In challenging situations, comments and audio discussions come to aid also different users can consistently interact and edit files. Moreover, with the launch of the latest dev mode it has become easier for developers to gather the required information for development. As a result, these features for example include finding the CSS, dimensions, color code, and more. The biggest feature loved by the designers and collaborators for Figma is its robust version control system. Making it easier for them to track changes and compare them. Providing you with the transparency and control needed for development.

Unlock the power of Figma features

The advantage with Figma 

To help you understand better in detail, let’s explore some of the advantages of Figma. Furthermore, these features are the reason why should Figma download be your top choice if not it already:

  • Real-time Collaboration: Destroying the limitation of distance, Figma powers real-time collaboration with the help of which you can share design files and do live editing. Positively powered by creating unique cursors, and avatars for every user, and providing selection and editing awareness. Enabling teams to have a seamless connection, instant feedback, and accelerates the design process.


  • Cloud-Based Model: Changing the market scenario completely, Figma is a completely cloud-based platform. As a result, it doesn’t require to be installed on devices and users can just access the platform using a web browser and take advantage of its features. Moreover, files are directly stored on the Figma software servers. Enabling users to just share the link and files will be accessed around the world. It has been lauded by the industry leaders. Added to this, cloud-based models help in efficient control over version systems to boost your iteration and comparison efforts.


  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: With Figma, gone are the times when you were required to install and use unique operating system-specific platforms. Unlike other industry options, figma has the best cross-platform operability that provides similar user experiences to the users which performs seamlessly even after change of platform. Perennially, Figma is the perfect choice to work in sync on any platform be it Windows, MacOS, or Linux.


  • Design Systems: Figma understands that designers don’t just design software. But a place with more efficient features to create a complete design system for their projects. To comply, it added features like components, design libraries, and style guides. Undeniably, constant emphasis on design systems is resulting in a faster adoption of Figma among the biggest brands across the world.

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Figma features you should know about 

  • Auto Layout: Changing the way of responsive layout creation, auto layout allowed designers to easily components and frames based on available space and constraints. This is done by defining the rules how an object or content has to perform within the frame. Be it spacing, stacking, sizing, or padding auto layout does it all for you. To enable auto layout, click on the desired content and activate auto layout in the properties panel. 


  • Code Support: Figma has a strong code support for designers and developers to help with efficient practices in development. This helps developers have streamlined flow of design specifications in the longer term. Developers can generate css code with just a click. You can use extensions to integrate figma into your editor and always stay on top of the features.


  • Branching: Ensuring you have complete creative freedom, Figma has the branching feature. This feature creates a safe copy of design in the file to experiment and play with. Each branch created will be unique and easy to iterate for the development.


  • Grids: Understanding the requirements of precise grids for designers. Figma offers three types of grids: flexible grids, customizable grids, and responsive grids. In addition, you can generate unique grids for components. These grids have smart distribution and alignment that helps in auto spacing and alignment of elements within the grids.


  • Typography Systems: Figma offers support for a comprehensive typography system for a consistent use in the project. These typography systems define font choice, sizes, styles, letter height, spacing, and much more. You can start using these typography systems and introduce consistency, professionalism, and visual coherence in design.


The demand for Figma is growing and will only grow according to experts in the coming times. Helping designers with efficient and strong design software, it should be your most preferred go to tool. Moreover, upcoming features are sure to enhance your design process. Start using Figma in your daily life today!

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