Want to Develop a Marketplace Similar to Dubizzle? Create Your Classified Network With Dubizzle Clone App

Dubizzle clone app development

Undoubtedly, Clone app technology has majorly impacted the way customer shops in the marketplace. Subsequently, one can find various trendy marketplace websites and apps online such as OLX, Letgo, Quikr, Craigslist, etc. Just like them, you too might have planned to create your own classified app like Dubizzle that’s super effective in terms of functionality and affordable in terms of cost. Not to confuse in finding one as we have the simplest option for you that’s ready-made and 100% customizable. Our company iByte will help you with every phase and process involved in Dubizzle clone app development starting with the requirement analysis to the launch of applications into App stores.

What Do You Understand by Dubizzle Clone Script?

Dubizzle clone app script is the oldest marketplace platform for the commerce of quality goods and services. Starting your own classified marketplace app like Dubizzle is a great approach to take your business to new heights. Moreover, using the Dubizzle clone app, you can offer your users a variety of products or services including vehicles, property for sale & rent, jobs, and classified services. Commonly, most of the sellers set up their ads internally on their website which indeed gives less exposure to their offered product or services. So, the marketplace is one definite way where new customers connect with the unlimited list of sellers. Now, don’t you find this as an opportunity for your business to build up your own classified services on the internet, either through a website or a smartphone application?

Prime Factors to Target | Dubizzle Development

  1. Platform: Initially, you can’t begin development for both platforms together. So, either start with Android or iOS. As the app for one platform completes, you can proceed with the next.
  2. Design: App design is the core engaging component to attract new and retain old users. Though excellent designs and app UI cost you more it’s a safe practice for the long run.
  3. Size: The app becomes highly complex as you constantly add new functionalities to it. Consequently, the Dubizzle clone app script is fully scalable that can hold for an increased number of users with high-performance outputs.

Best Features Pick for Dubizzle | Get Success for Your App

Admin Features

Dubizzle app admin features

Admin Login: Using a separate panel, the admin can log in to their account with their username and password.

Dashboard Control: A graphical representation of all available modules within the app such as product, category, members, ads, etc. is available to the admin.

Category & Sub-Category: A detailed list of categories and their subcategories is available at the admin end. Admin can add new, edit, or update the existing categories based on the business requirements.

Registered Users: Admin can view the complete list of registered members on the app and if required they can edit the existing details for individual listing.

Enquiry Handling: Each query that has been submitted from the frontend of the app can be accessed and separately tracked by the admin.

Transaction History: Detailed log for all the payments done in the transaction processes can be monitored by the admin.

User Features

Dubizzle app user features

User Login: Users can sign up and log in to the marketplace with a specific username and password detail. Once login, users can access various secure pages in their account and post website advertisements.

Account Access: Users can check their profile details and they get an option to update the information. If required, they can modify the password.

Ads Management: Users can monitor all the current running advertisements on the website from this section and view the details by clicking them separately.

Notification Alerts: Different notification alerts will be sent to the user’s registered email address informing them about account forgotten details, new ad status, and contacts of their ads.

Information View: There is an option to view other business pages information available on the website and contacting them for further details.

Account Closure: Users can deactivate their accounts or simply log out from the device whenever required.

Productivity Funnel You Must Follow

Dubizzle clone app development

  1. Research a unique idea: What will set your Dubizzle clone app different from others? Find an idea that completes user demands and gives alternatives to the loopholes present with the existing apps. Without hassles, you can easily look out for thousands of ideas online.
  1. Decide your marketplace type: There are two options available to choose the type for your classified app like Dubizzle. One choice is to create a horizontal classified app like OLX that deals in all kinds of ads, services, and products. Alternatively, you can create a vertical marketplace app that offers a specific type of service and caters to the demands of a specific type of service or caters to a particular market.
  1. Filter best idea: When you start the research work, you get many ideas that fall in your way. Choosing the most appropriate idea is again a task. Try to pick an idea whose functional prototype fits the market demands and requirements. You can find many free or paid tools that will help you in finding the best for your app.
  1. Hire a dedicated team: Once the complete marketplace app idea is structured and finalized, hire a Dubizzle clone app development company that will help you in the development process and get each requirement fulfilled rightly.
In the final analysis…

Have you thought about what made Dubizzle the largest marketplace community in UAE? This classified app market follows an optimized process of buying and selling real estate. This subsequently increases the user interest in brand products and services. Gradually, their impressive services have covered Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Oman, Algeria, Qatar, Tunisia, Egypt, and many more. Seeking inspiration, if you are planning to build your own online marketplace app, our Dubizzle clone app development company is there to help. Let customers buy, sell, and search for anything with the Dubizzle clone app. Creating your own Dubizzle clone app is not so difficult. It’s a matter to be overthinking but researching and finalizing a feasible idea is what’s required to be done perfectly. Hope you come out with the best idea to build a new marketplace app like Dubizzle.

Share your worthy online marketplace idea with us and start implementation using our 100% customizable Dubizzle clone app script.

Launch your dedicated classified app like Dubizzle today!

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