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Kotlin vs Java

What’s your first programming language choice when you hear Android App Development? Certainly, Java strikes your mind first. However, if you talk about mobile technologies, Kotlin vs Java is one of the most popular search terms. So, if you are one among those who are looking to clear the differences between Java and Kotlin, then this blog is a perfect start for you. Firstly, we will take a brief introduction to both these programming languages then we will head on to their actual differences.

Though Java is one of the oldest and stable languages known, Kotlin is relatively a new programming language, that has been declared by Google as a “first-class” language supported on Android smartphones. However, Kotlin is still approaching maturity in the development and improvisation phase. But, in the context of applications, its popularity is growing especially for mobile development purposes. Furthermore, step ahead with the discussion and get a deep insight into Java vs Kotlin. Find out what’s the best fit for your Android development project.

What Is JAVA?

Java has been the top favorite of many developers or programmers in Android development. Possibly, because Android is also written in Java. Primarily launched by Sun Microsystems (now owned by Oracle), Java is an object-oriented programming language that grabbed the title of the second most active language on GitHub. For 25 years, its ultimate presence in the Android app market is no less than a wonder. In fact, its popularity is continually growing to heights.


Designed and developed by JetBrains programmers (the team behind integrated development environments), Kotlin adds some modern features to the existing Java mobile development. The language got its momentum after being recognized as an official programming language for Android at Google I/O in 2018. Internally, Google has switched and applied Kotlin instead of Java on Android. Though the language is open source, statically typed based on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), you can also compile it to JavaScript or native to build code for the iOS platform. One in all, you just have to install the Kotlin Plugin and let it configure your project completely.


Kotlin vs Java – Pros

Kotlin vs Java

Kotlin vs Java – Cons

Kotlin vs Java


Can Kotlin Shape the Future of Android Development – Kotlin vs Java?

Is Kotlin the best and right choice for Android App Development? Few may wonder what’s the point in switching from Java to Kotlin? The whole point of developing Kotlin is to address the loopholes existing in Java. Subsequently, Kotlin provides out of box safety mechanisms while being concise and expressive altogether. Perhaps, Kotlin ranks among the top five languages most preferred by the developers.

What Makes Kotlin a Top-Rated Language?

Android App Development

1. Code Efficiency

Kotlin provides a concise and intuitive syntax that can be efficiently used within the program. Reduced lines of code require less time to write and deploy a program. Consequently, your app gets developed quickly with light code. On average, the lines of code are 20% less than Java.

2. Java Interoperability

In short words, Java methods can be called from the Kotlin development environment which means that Kotlin is interoperable with Java. Therefore, you get easy access to all the existing Java libraries, JVM, and frameworks. This feature is not only advantageous for the developers but also for the companies that cover a large Java codebase.

3. Easy Maintenance

Another best feature of Kotlin for Android developers is easy maintenance along with support for numerous IDEs, which includes Android studio and several other SDKs. Moreover, developers can even work with any toolkit they are comfortable with.

4. Version Reliability

Fortunately, every latest version of Kotlin is compatible with all the previous versions. Thus, this highlight resolves the biggest drawbacks of reverse compatibility with Android developers who are dealing with multiple versions.

5. Easy Learning

New developers and learners can understand and implement Kotlin easily in comparison to Java as it requires no prior mobile development knowledge or skill set. In fact, the developers who have learned Java can easily learn Kotlin. Hence, switching from Java to Kotlin doesn’t throw any overhead issues, and adapting to it doesn’t possess any expenses.

6. Android Studio Support

Android Studio offers extended support and adaptation tools for Kotlin development. In conclusion, developers can work simultaneously on both languages without getting any syntax conflicts. Evidently, Android Studio comes with Kotlin as it comes for java.

Will Kotlin Replace Java?

Is Kotlin an end to Java programming for mobile development? Well, this has become the most frequently asked question whose answer is a strict no. While Kotlin covers some awesome and powerful features for Android App Development, Java has been a consistent language. Understanding the differences between Kotlin vs Java is significant when it comes to developing a mobile app project. However, their integration offers us improved versions equally. So, Java and Kotlin can go hand in hand for powerful Android Development.

In the final analysis…

Finally, this was an overview comparison between Java vs Kotlin. Referring to this complete article, it can be deduced that Kotlin offers many advantages that Java doesn’t. However, Kotlin has some shortcomings as well. When it’s about transitioning to a new language, it’s always really exciting for the developers to work with new language tools and strategies. This has drawbacks even as the Android development team needs a month’s time to become familiar with Kotlin. Most importantly, you must know that Java isn’t going anywhere as it will remain the most essential and stable language for Android app development.

But if you’re a curious programmer who is looking for a new challenge, it makes absolute sense to try Kotlin for mobile development. Kotlin offers the best subset of features for innovative projects in startups.

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