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As per the statistics, social media platforms drive a dominant portion of traffic from the web and mobile audience. Subsequently, such social media platforms have incorporated some kind of rules, agendas, and limitations specific to their online business, audience, and viewpoints. Every social media platform has unrolled its unique features of individuality which makes them totally recognizable social networks. Do you know the best social networking CMS platforms available for use today? Here are some listed. SocialEngine is the prime focus.


1. SocialEngine

2. phpFox

3. eXo

4. BoonEx


SocialEngine was co-founded in 2007 by Charlotte Genevier and Alex Benzer. The purpose of this open-source social networking CMS was to help businesses in creating their own branded social network platform. SocialEngine provides limitless possibilities in terms of customization, in-depth analytics, built-in security, and anti-spam. Moreover, SocialEngine offers two distinct choices when it comes to building up your own social network.

SocialEngine PHP

What do you mean by SocialEngine PHP? Generally, SocialEngine PHP is downloaded and used in a format created by an individual user. If someone has the license to make use of this software, it means that the social network that a person develops is totally their own property. As this specific product stepped out first in the duo, it is an extremely in-depth, extremely analytical, completely personalized response from your social network platform.

SocialEngine Cloud

Another product called SocialEngine Cloud helps to boast an instant setup along with total social integration. While it is less detailed and customizable than its PHP counterpart, it is a comparatively simple, faster way to kickstart an online network. Furthermore, the cloud version is even easier to link to existing websites. This platform can be activated to host multiple social networking accounts.

How Is It Beneficial?

What is the USP of SocialEngine development? What is the biggest advantage? They are customizable while keeping the data ownership private to the network. In a few words, it leverages the platform where a social network is set up or built, all the contents, media are presented in addition to the network itself, all owned by the user.

What Are the Setbacks?

Do you know one of the major drawbacks of SocialEngine? It doesn’t support third-party plugins. Moreover, most plugins are incompatible with the social network platform. Although many upcoming users are complaining and suggesting changes to the CMS the platform is slow to initiate the changes. 

In the analysis

In conclusion, there are lots of CMS platforms on the list, one better than the other. However, at the end of the day, you have to decide on one social networking platform that is perfect for your business needs. One in all, every business is unique enough and so it absolutely deserves to choose an equally unique platform on which it can host its social network. Nevertheless, this blog has highlighted some more options that can make your decision a little better and manageable. 

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