Undeniable Theory | How Mobile Apps Impact Digital Transformation Strategy?


A mobile application has immensely contributed to the Digital transformation of businesses. More and more companies are manifesting their time in formulating an ideal Digital Transformation Strategy for delivering an amazing experience to their customer and clients. If you look around, 70% of organizations have already invested in Mobile App Development. So, are you planning to accelerate digital transformation success for your business?

Before we overview the benefits of Mobile App Development for businesses, it’s important to interpret the correct meaning of Digital transformation. Most of us think that Digital transformation is the process of integrating technological innovation with the business. Naturally, the experience of the customer, client, and stakeholder gets improved. In actuality, the transformation includes the changes that occur beyond innovation. More precisely, its broad culture involves challenging the business, experimenting, and emerging out of failures. It’s not just about integrating digital practices into different domains of your business.

Mobile App Development Shaping the Future of Businesses

Digital transformation via Mobile Apps

Undoubtedly, mobile applications have turned out to be highly competitive in comparison to desktop or web applications. Mobile apps can accomplish almost every task while keeping portability, compatibility, and high ease into solutions. Moreover, the top USP of using mobile apps is how they fit our palm and getting the work done as smoothly as possible.  It can be said that mobile has paved way for new audiences, products, services, and industries. There is no denial in the fact that companies that are looking to provide the best customer experiences should launch themselves on mobile platforms.

Quick Facts

On average, a person was found to spend 90 minutes of their day on smartphone devices, that’s nearly 23 days a year. Therefore, it’s quite acceptable to expect a much higher figure in 2020, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. When the majority of people staring at their mobile device screen so why not ensure that your company brand comes up in front. In conclusion, smart devices have become the best form of communication and using Internet resources. Now, can you understand how important are mobile apps in Digital Transformation? What role will Mobile App Development play in forming your digital transformation strategy?

How Mobile Apps Come Into Play?

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

1. Customer Engagement: Mobile applications are an excellent tool in boosting engagement for any business brand. The company can embed appealing design and intuitive functionalities to engage its target audience and clients. With so many opportunities and potentials on the way, why not get Enterprise Mobility Solutions for your business.

2. Driving Sales: Most of the mobile applications are launched to offer products and services delivered by the company. Subsequently, customer likes to access their favorite shopping platform leading to impulsive purchases and high profits to the company. Ultimately, every new mobile feature lead to an improved user experience. So, why are you hesitant to get your own app?

3. Brand Recognition: Mobile apps in Digital Transformation represent an apt platform for promoting brand recognition and loyalty. Most of the common brands like McDonald’s create the app to seek more and more customer attention. Don’t you think your company’s Digital Transformation Strategy also requires a featured app to serve online users?

Enterprise Mobility – Here’s How to Approach Productivity

Apparently, Digital transformation has not just impacted customers but also the company employees. Mobile applications entering into different business areas are referred to as Enterprise Mobility. This phenomenon allows employees to connect to the core company processes without having to sit at their desks. Do you know what’s the best thing about such a mobility idea? Enterprise Mobility Solutions is accessed using smartphones leading to excellent team productivity. So, it’s said that Mobile App Development is the core component of digital transformation.

Three Reasons Why to Invest in Mobile Applications?

Here we have discussed a few good reasons why companies should invest in mobile apps as a vital part of their Digital Transformation strategy.


1. Greater Productivity

Generally, companies make a smart move by providing offering employees access to their enterprise applications running into their business. Workers tend to yield more productivity by updating and completing their tasks on time from mobile devices. Investment into such Enterprise Mobility Solutions gives the power of scheduling and remote working that becomes an attractive approach for young professionals.

2. Fully Transparency

Irrespective of time and location, customers can share and access their content on the go. Subsequently, the employees can keep an eye on real-time updates and take relevant decisions over them. Therefore, such a type of collaboration increases the levels of transparency involved in teamwork. Additionally, these mobile apps give the ability to track the tasks completed by team members along with their real-time location. Well, how smart does that sound?

3. Workflow Optimization

Mobile applications help team leaders in planning and executing workflows. Subsequently, this targets achieving future optimization goals for the business. Since these mobile apps come equipped with analytics features, it becomes simple to find bottlenecks or potential blocks. Over and all, organizations having fewer Enterprise Mobility Solutions have to suffer in terms of data maintenance cost and quality.

In the final analysis…

However, mobile apps have changed the scope of business and users have the right power to summon any service to their doorsteps. You’re not just adding convenience to the business world. They are the thumbnails to a big bang picture, what tech enthusiasts call digital transformation.

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