Everything About Music Streaming App: How to build an App like Gaana?

How to build an App like Gaana?

The music streaming market has a massive growth over the in last few years and it is also expected to show similar results in the future. That is to say, there are so many music apps like Gaana that are recently come into the market which allow users to listen to unlimited music anytime anywhere without any interruption.

Some questions that come into mind, for instance, “How to build an App like Gaana”?

iByte– “best mobile app development company”, we help our clients to give massive growth to their businesses by creating a music streaming app like Gaana. 

In short, to make your music application development simple, we have created this blog to cover up everything that you need to know to develop a music app like Gaana. We hope this blog will help you to “build an App like Gaana”.

What do you understand by Music Streaming App?

Music Streaming App

Music streaming apps completely transform the way people listen to music.

These apps allow their users to play music instantly, to clarify, you don`t need to wait for the downloading finish to listen to your favorite song.

Certainly, a music streaming service delivers data to a streamer in small amounts, that is to say, the user can get pre-buffered music that has been pre-buffed a few seconds before playing a song.

Moreover, to deliver a steady stream of small packets of audio files, the music streaming app uses cloud technology. Simultaneously, the data is played instantaneously on the user’s device by decoders.

The music streaming services are comprised of three main sections:


Cloud Server:

The cloud server is used for hosting all the music files.


The decoder is used to transform the data stream into music.

Information Stream:

The information stream is used to deliver steady data packets to music app user devices.

Similarly, the music will not stop, as long as the user`s smartphone is connected to the internet.

Types of Music Streaming Apps:

1) On-demand Streaming App:

On-demand streaming gives access to music enthusiasts to have more control over what they love to listen to, they can create their own playlist, choose different music and artists. 

In the same vein, music streaming apps offer a more personalized user experience.

2) Radio Streaming App:

Radio streaming mainly uses streaming software used to convert the audio into a streaming format and then transfer it to a server.

Features of Music Streaming App:

Features of Music Streaming App

  • Import Songs From Folders
  • In-App Music Store
  • Personalized Playlist
  • Social Media Integration
  • Customized UI
  • Offline Access for Data Saving
  • AI-Powered

The technology stack to develop Music Streaming App:

The technology for your music streaming app depends upon the development framework you choose. A cross-platform development framework will give your app an access to release it across Android and iOS devices. Certainly, we required the same technology and SDK across all the platforms to build an app.

On the other hand, the technology and SDK will also vary from one operating system to another.

Most important to choose the development framework, there are some other factors that we need to follow. The included factors are Development & UI/UX Design, Database storage, Releasing prototype, Model Testing, Servers, etc.

Database storage:

A music streaming app has to grasp huge volumes of real in real-time.

Moreover, you must consider traffic growth during peak hours and peak days. To do so in a seamless manner, you need to create a database that is scalable on demand.

Development & UI/UX Design:

After finalizing the hosting platform, the next step will be development & UI/UX design.

To make your music streaming app easy to use, more loved, and more accessible, you have to make a great UI/UX design.

There are nos of frameworks in our digital market that you can choose to create your Music streaming app UI.

Some of them are React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, PhoneGap, etc.

Model Testing:

Testing is an important for any mobile application development. Likewise, there are several tools that make mobile application development easier, fast, and efficient.

Proxy Servers: 

Proxy servers are like a gateway between app users and the internet. They behave like a firewall end-to-end encryption and multi-layer security to the audio files.

Tips To Market Music Streaming App

  • Build Social Media Presence
  • Do App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Ask Your Users to Share Review
  • Use Promotional Offers


Bottom Line:

To sum up, in this guide we have covered everything related to Music Streaming App and how to build an app like Gaana. We have also discussed the exciting advanced features of the Music Streaming App.

We hope this blog will be useful for music enthusiasts and to those who are more into mobile app development.

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