How to Rank your App on Google Play Store?

Are you looking for an App Store Optimization Strategies that help you to make your App Rank top on the Google Plat Store? 

Well we iByte, we help our clients to rank their apps on the Google Play Store with the help of app store optimization strategies.

Obviously, with this, your app identification is one of the biggest issues which you can face as an app publisher. In the other words, it is very important for you to understand that there are no. Of methods which we can use for boosting the rank of application and increasing the no. Of downloads on the Google Play Store.

In the article, we are going with you the complete guide about how to rank app on Google Play Store that can help you to make your app different for the Google Play Store Algorithm and users alike.

Let`s start from Scratch:

Before moving ahead let`s talk about ASO ( App Store Optimization).

What is ASO?app store optimization service

ASO (App Store Optimization) is a process of optimizing the mobile application to rank top on the Google Play Store. It will give more visibility to your app, which led to the chances of frequent downloads.

In the other words, App Store Optimization is a secret weapon that rank your app in the top search.


1. Select keywords with the right “volume-to-click-through” ratio:

app store optimization strategies

For starting off with App Store Optimisation, the only mistake which anyone can do is that they find and use keywords that have the highest possible search volume in the app page description.

Looking for popular and most searched words it’s certainly important but not all phrases receive an adequate amount of clicks from users ( it is known as CTR -click-through rate).

One of the best way to know which keyword you should select is by considering your target users` search intent.

CTR and user search intent are important ASO factors. With long-tail phrases are the best way to gain more interactions, they are more specific and tend to have a higher CTR.


2. Make a catchy Title by combining your Brand name and the keywords you selected :

aso marketing

The title of an app on the Google Play Store is an important for the ASO on-metadata factor.

As per Google Play policy, the App Title should be 30 characters. Don`t forget to localize your app title. The mobile world is global and the demand for your app can arise from the countries that you have never expected.


3. Don’t overdo keywords in your short description:

The short description and long description can differ as per the user`s interest. You have only a couple of seconds to catch your prospect’s attention, make a good first impression, and sell your app’s story.

Naturally, you can mention a keyword or two, just make sure they don’t disrupt the message you’re trying to convey.


4. Use keywords in Long Description:

You should focus on efforts and mention the terms you want to be found for and for certain industries is very important and significantly affects their app ranking.

iByte noticed a spike for two keywords after having ASO-optimized long description.
The first keyword’s position went up from number 13 to 8, and the second from 11 to 8
by using App store optimization strategies.
This means that the app reached the top 10 search results for both phrases!

Tips for a great and optimized description on Google Play:

  • Use all the space available for the Long Description (at least 3.000–3.500 characters)
  • Find mid and long-tail keywords (keyword combinations) to add to your description.
  • Don’t overload your description with a lot of text write in short paragraphs.
  • Use bullet points or Unicode symbols like ✔❖➜ for a clear and visual organization.
  • Include emoji 🔥 or use HTML and Rich Formatting.


5. Add social proof into your app description:

Mentioning your social proof can give you a credibility boost and differentiate you from your competitors, especially if the numbers or endorsements are visible above the fold.

As you can see in the above image, they have mentioned over half a million hotels available worldwide and they made sure that anyone who is browsing through the listing notices that.

Whenever you see the “Trending” list on the Play store, it means that the app has a significant spike in download rates with the help of ASO marketing.


6. Use Keywords in URL / package:

app store optimization

Likewise the Google web search, Google play store includes keywords in the URL which act as a strong ranking factor for any app search.

When the installs kicked off, giving the necessary off-metadata boost, the game started to rank for this extremely competitive and highly searched keyword.

  ASO marketing is the best way to rank app on the Google Play store.


7. Use keywords in your Developer name:

Use keywords in your Developer name, it will help your app rank in search results. Most importantly, Google verifies developers with a positive history and ranks them higher in searches.


8. Make an original App Icon:

The best way of getting more hits in the Google Play store is to use beautiful and catchy visuals. Users get easily attracted by beautiful and catchy visuals.

Use bold statements and create a brand that is unmistakable and instantly- recognizable.

A few tips on how to optimize your icon:

  • Make sure your icon is clearly reflecting the main purpose of your app.
  • Find your “style”, colors, typography, etc ,. 
  • Use vibrant and harmonizing colors and clear shapes, don’t overload your icon with too many elements.
  • Take a look at your competitors and make something different.
  • Try adding borders to the icon to make it more eye-catching.
  • Avoid having text in your icon.
  • Innovate and follow the design trends, and remember when everyone got crazy about flat design?
  • Don’t try to guess what icon your users will choose, use A/B testing tools to know exactly what icon performs best.


9. Get your app featured in Google Search App Packs:

Google created App Packs, a special snippet featured near the top of search results where some people simply turn to Google Search.

You can directly go to the app play store listing just by clicking on any icons.


10. Invest in an app retention strategy:

There are two types of metadata in the Google Play Store.

1. On-metadata: on-metadata is used to list content and we can change many things like images, title, or description

2. Off-metadata: off-metadata incles information like the number of installs, user reviews, and customer ratings. The app developer can`t modify anything.

When the Play Store algorithm decides whether your app should be ranked highly, it takes both types of metadata into account.

There`s only one way to have off-metadata work in your favor, make sure that your app is useful to its users.


App Store Optimisation is an Ongoing Project

Stay on track with any algorithm changes or by using app store optimization strategies is very important to make sure that your app ranks highly in Google, but both are in the Play Store and search results.

Most importantly, pay attention to all types of metadata in-app listings, both controlled by you as well as the data that comes from the user sessions, reviews, or performance trackers.

Perform market research regularly and adjust your app store optimization strategies by checking your competitors. 

However, People use apps for the long term not because they are easy to find, but because of the genuine value they bring and the emotions they evoke. 

It’s easier for Android users to find your app if it’s ranked high on the Play Store.

To do this, you need to understand how the Google algorithm works and the necessary app store optimization strategies help to ensure your app hits all of the requirements.

Doing all of these things will help you to improve your download rate. The more downloads you get, the more ratings and reviews you’ll receive from users.

Cumulatively, this is a recipe for success to shoot your app toward the top of the Google Play Store rankings.

Bottom Line:

In this guide, we have covered everything related to Google App Play Store Optimization and How to Rank your App on Google Play Store? We have also discussed the App Store Optimization Strategies.

We hope this article will be useful for those who want their app should be at the top of the App Store.

Do you want to Rank your App on Google Play Store? If yes, it is possible with the help of the Top App Store Optimization Services in India, USA & UAE. Reach out to us at or you can also ping us at +91-9821315607. We are a click away from you!

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