Let’s Hire Mobile App Development Company in UAE | A Complete Guide to Choose the Best


Most businesses believe that the mobile app is the right way to promote and sell their products and services and thus, increase ROI. Well, they have every reason to believe it since smartphone users prefer to access apps rather than websites to gather details or buy any products and services. Let’s together explore the perfect Mobile App Development Company in UAE.

Breathing into Live Data…

According to research statistics, users spend 4 hours 30 minutes every day to access their smartphones. During this period, they use apps installed on their devices to gather crucial information about products and services, play games, buy daily needs, etc.

So, if your app is installed on users’ devices, then there are higher possibilities that they will go through your apps and buy your offerings. Another most interesting fact about a mobile app is that it lets entrepreneurs directly interact with users.

And enables them to perform everything with a higher success rate, be it increasing brand recognition, credibility, sales, or revenue generation. In nutshell, a mobile app lets businesses grab multiple opportunities to grow while expanding their horizons globally by increasing the client base.

So, if you are planning to develop a mobile application for your business, your first job is to search for a reliable mobile app development company. UAE houses world-famous mobile app development agencies that enjoy a great market reputation worldwide. 

Therefore it’s a great idea to hire a reliable mobile app development company in the UAE.

Tips to Hire the Best Mobile App Development Agency in UAE

The wider availability of mobile app development companies in the UAE makes it sometimes clumsy to make the selection of the right company. Let’s delve into a complete guide that will help you partner with a reliable app development agency to build your app. Take a look.

Mobile App Development Company in UAE

Shortlist Top Service Providers

Since UAE is home to a number of mobile app development companies, your first job is to shortlist some of the right service providers who are pioneers in this horizon. Most importantly, you should focus to Hire a Mobile App Development Company in UAE that has been continuing its trust and credibility among customers for a long time.

It’s a good idea to set your eyes on the top 10 mobile app developers that earned vast popularity not only in UAE but also across the world. Getting the list of top 10 mobile app developers in this country is not so tough.

All you need to do is to search them online with the right keyword and get the list of top mobile app development companies that have earned vast recognition among their customers.

Apart from Google, you can also access some reputed websites that provide ratings and reviews to IT and other service providers. For instance, Clutch is a reliable platform that gives you a complete list of the top 10 mobile app developers in the UAE. Moreover, our company iByte Infomatics has been listed on Clutch.

Compare Them

Now, you have a complete list of the top 10 mobile app development companies. So, what’s next? Well, you need to compare these companies based on the following points to choose the right service provider that can cater to your specific business needs.

Go Through Portfolio

Well, it’s something that keeps great importance to get details about the skills and expertise of the mobile app development companies. All you need to do is to access the official websites of the shortlisted app development companies to access their portfolios.

Going through the portfolios of the mobile app developers helps you know the types of apps these companies developed in the past. And it gives you an idea about their expertise in developing mobile apps.

While accessing their portfolios, you should also focus on the type of app similar to your concept. If any of your shortlisted service providers made the apps similar to your concept. It gives you the idea of whether the service provider will be able to match your app development requirements or not.

Case Studies

Most of the reputed app development companies have dedicated sections for case studies on their website. In this, they mention the various challenges that they faced while working on a particular project. They mention here their strategy to tackle those challenges and ensure the successful accomplishment of the project with the perfect solutions.

You need to go through case studies to find out the capabilities of companies in tackling any situation and deliver the right solutions accordingly. It also lets you find out whether that company is capable of handling your mobile app development project successfully or not.

Client Testimonial

A client testimonial is another most crucial thing that you always need to take into account while going through the details of service providers. It will also help you in making an effective comparison to find the right service provider.

Be it a video, or text, you should explore all types of testimonials to get details about the client’s feedback for the services they availed. Clients express their gratitude for service providers by writing or making videos.

So, going through the same will help you know whether the company puts efforts for client satisfaction or not. And it also helps you know whether service providers can cater to your needs or not.


Quality often comes with experience. So, it’s something that you can’t ignore while searching for the right mobile app development company in the UAE. In other words, you can expect quality outcomes only from an experienced service provider.

You should know about the experience of all companies that you shortlisted. Once you find a company that earned higher experience than others, you can keep them in your mind for your project.

After going through these factors, you need to now find the top 3 mobile app development companies that can match your app development needs and deliver the right products.


Whether you are looking to develop a basic or complex application, you need to get details about the resources of the company. Always remember, a mobile app development company with a limited team size can cater to basic app development requirements only.

But, if you wish to create a complex or large app, they will not be able to cater to you as per your expectations. So, it’s crucial to know about the team size of mobile app designers, developers, QA professionals, etc. that your service provider is blessed with.

Technical Background of Professionals

While getting details about resources, it’s also vital to know about the technical background of developers. You should know whether the professionals are well versed in the latest technologies and leverage these with perfection.

For instance, if you are looking to develop an Android application, make sure the service provider possesses in-depth knowledge of the latest tools and technologies such as Android Debug Bridge (ADB), Android Studio, Kotlin, Java, Eclipse, AVD Manager, and more.

On the other hand, if you are seeking to develop iOS apps, make sure the developers are versed in tools and technologies like Objective-C, Swift, iOS SDK, Xcode, etc. 

Request for Quotation

Though cost is the main concern while hiring a service provider, you should never treat it as your primary concern while hiring an Android app development service in UAE. As it’s known to all that mobile app development is an expensive deal, so you should never emphasize on cost.

In other words, you should never get trapped by a service provider that renders mobile app development services at affordable prices. Rather than, you should focus on the quality assurance that your mobile app development service provider offers.

Once you shortlisted the top 3 mobile app development companies in UAE, you should now request them to send quotations based on your project requirements. Here, you need to keep in mind that you have shortlisted the top 3 companies.

So, you can make a selection of the best companies in accordance with the affordability of their app development cost. Know what is approximate mobile app development cost for your business.

Get in Touch With Representatives

Once you have finalized the right mobile application development agency in UAE, it’s time to now get in touch with the representatives and discuss their experience and strategy to develop your mobile application.

You can ask them about their approach to proceed for app development. It’s advisable to ask them in detail about their approach while sketching out a strategy for app development and also how they implement it.

In case, everything satisfies you about the Android app development service in UAE, it’s now your turn to approach them to develop your application.

Hire the Company and Share Your App Idea

Once you finalized the iOS app development service in the UAE, you should then hire the company to start your app development project. You can now interact with the experts and share your app development requirements.

If you have already decided on the type of app you desire to create, then you can share it with your service provider. Even if you haven’t decided yet about the app, you can get assistance from their app strategists who will help you develop the right app complementing your business needs.

While sharing your app concept with the service provider, you should always ask them to explain their effort to protect your idea and the related details. Ask them whether they sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or similar agreement to protect your idea.

You should never forget to ask about their strategy and approach to developing your app. Ask them how they will communicate with you throughout the development process and also the way you can share your feedback with them. You should ask them how they will let you access the latest updates about the development.

In the final analysis…

Finding a trusted hybrid app development company in the UAE is something that involves a lot of research work. The availability of a number of service providers makes this job clumsy and thus, one needs to work hard in this arena to find a trusted company.

You need to be highly careful to choose an experienced and reliable company that can serve you based on your specific requirements. Going through the above tips will help you in this arena. And you will come across the right service provider who can handle all types of mobile application development projects.

Calculate cost to make a mobile app for your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

While searching for the right mobile app development company in UAE, you will come across some common questions that are frequently asked by people. Take a glance at some of them.

Q. What are the top 10 mobile app development companies in UAE?

A. UAE is home to top-notch mobile app development companies that serve businesses with impeccable solutions. Take a look at some of these companies;

  • iByte Infomatics
  • Cubix
  • OpenXcell
  • Utility
  • Swenson He
  • RipenApps
  • NIX
  • Quytech
  • S-PRO
  • ARKA Software
Q. What are some crucial factors to consider when hiring a mobile app development company in UAE?

A. Well, when hiring a mobile app development company in UAE, you need to consider how long they have been into this service. If a company has been serving customers for a long time, there’re higher possibilities that they are genuine. You can consider various other factors to choose the right service providers.

  • Experience
  • Cost
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Skills and expertise
  • Technical background
  • Client feedback
Q. Which are the right locations to find mobile app development companies in UAE?

A. You can find mobile app developers all over the country. Meanwhile, Dubai is the right place to find a reputed app development company that serves clients with high-end mobile app development solutions. Apart from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, etc. are other popular places to find the top-rated mobile app development companies.

Q. Which is the best mobile app development company in UAE?

A. iByte Infomatics is a leading mobile app development company in UAE and serves clients across the world. It caters to multiple industries with world-class mobile app development solutions to help them grow. The company earned expertise in creating a mobile app on various platforms such as iOS, Android, etc. while ensuring its flawless and outstanding performance.

Q. How much does it cost to develop a mobile app from a UAE-based mobile app development company?

A. It’s hard to predict the cost to develop a mobile app. The overall cost of developing a mobile application is something that depends on numerous factors that include;

  • Type of mobile app
  • Complexity of project
  • Numbers of features, functionalities, etc.
  • Development platforms
  • Development hours
  • Location of developers
  • And more.

Approach iByte Infomatics, a UAE-based iOS app development company, and share your development requirements to get a free estimate for mobile app development.

Q. Should we consider the cost while hiring mobile app development companies?

A. Though cost is an important factor to keep in mind while hiring any service provider, you should never prioritize it. It’s a fact that mobile app development needs hefty investment. It depends on the type of mobile app you are seeking to develop. For basic app development, you need to invest a limited amount whereas a complex app requires heavier investment. 

Q. Which company offers mobile app development services at affordable costs in UAE?

A. iByte Infomatics is the right place for everyone looking for affordable mobile app development services. It strategizes your app development based on your business requirements to minimize the cost of development. Additionally, you will get the right advice for your app development based on the type of target audience you are catering to.

Get an app integrated with features that best fit your specific business requirements. Besides, it also takes various other steps to minimize the overall cost of app development.

Q. How to know if the service provider can deliver the project at the right time?

A. Well, to know whether the company can deliver the project within the right time. It’s advisable to interact with representatives to discuss their strategy for development and also how will they manage product delivery within the right time. They will let you know everything with a proper plan and clear all doubts.

Q. How to get assurance about project safety while hiring a mobile app development company?

A. Once you hire a hybrid app development company in UAE, you can share your app concept, project details, business details, etc. So, of course, safety assurance, in this case, is something that should be prioritized. It’s good to ask your service provider whether they sign any confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure agreement to give you assurance about the safety of your project.

Q. What are some other services that one can expect from a mobile app development company in UAE?

A. Well, iByte Infomatic is a renowned Android app development company in UAE, which caters to its customers with several other services, apart from mobile app development. Take a look at these services:

Hire Mobile App Development Company in UAE now !!!Disclaimer for iByte Infomatics

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