Creating a Reseller Business App like Meesho


Today, The reseller business app Meesho has a success story to tell in this new world of reselling, which serves an online multi-vendor marketplace.

The phrase “reselling” may not be new, as it has as existed since the beginning of time. Moreover, various retail tiers were already there.

Initially, the resale market was exclusively available offline and benefited only specific members of this ecosystem.

After a long wait, Meesho launched with the idea of making the resale ecosystem accessible to regular people.  With the goal of creating resale possibilities for homemakers. Likewise, this platform allowed many people to start their own enterprises with no money down.

The Meesho app began with only fashion and electronics and gradually extended to provide a wide range of topics.

There’s a lot more to say about this thriving resale app in India.

What is a Meesho App?


The founder of Meesho created this reselling application while holding a social objective in mind. Just to clarify, their goal was to enable the common person to start their own home-based businesses and make them find a way to earn some additional source of income. 

Moreover, the founder wanted to encourage homemakers to start their own businesses too, without any investment. Soon after, the wave caught up with small and medium-sized businesses that we were searching for some online endeavors, but without the cash required to create a storefront. 

Above all, the Meesho the reseller business app began with a few categories and has since experienced tremendous growth. Soon after, the app started to see increased traffic and user demand.

How Does the Meesho Reseller Business App Work?

Let’s have a look at how the reseller business app works.

A social e-commerce company, Meesho provides clients with the best products at the lowest prices, such as jewelry, electronics, and clothing.

Customers in two-thirds of tier cities want to pay a competitive price for high-quality items, and Meesho has 70% or more of these customers.

Product Listing

Resellers send product listings from suppliers or sellers to the reseller business app, which grows its business.

In exchange for a commission, the reseller may be thought of as an affiliate marketer that helps Meesho suppliers discover clients for their products. Likewise, Meesho resellers are generally homemakers or fashion gurus who manage social media groups with many potential customers.

Consequently, resellers already maintain effective groups with loyal and trusted members that they utilize to engage clients.

Previously, after ordering from a seller, the reseller was responsible for dealing with order-related issues such as packaging, payments, shipping, and so on.

However, Meesho has simplified the entire product distribution process for resellers.

Resellers may quickly propose items to their consumers using Meesho’s crafted digital catalog. Furthermore, the resellers will never run out of things to sell.

Most importantly, when a buyer expresses interest in a product, resellers just enter the buyer’s address and add a margin, and the goods are sent from the seller’s location via Meesho’s logistic partners.

The Business Model Of Meesho

The reseller business app Meesho has a business model which is similar to other e-commerce applications. It helps people make money in a variety of ways. 

Here are a few examples:

Firstly, it is primarily a social e-commerce platform that operates on a direct-to-customer (D2C) model. 

Secondly, when it comes to reselling opportunities, we can state that Meesho has a hybrid approach that includes both B2B and B2C

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Key Features of a Reseller Business App Like Meesho

If you want your reselling business app to function better than a competitor’s app, likewise, you must add certain essential functionalities.

We’ll begin with separate two applications or panels for resellers and sellers.



Required Tech Stack

Mobile PlatformAndroid, iOS
Web.Net, PHP, JS, etc.
SMS, Voice, and Phone VerificationNexmo, Twilio
PaymentsBraintree & PayPal, Stripe, EWallets
DatabaseMongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgres, MailChimp Integration
Push NotificationsTwilio,
Cloud EnvironmentAWS, Google, Azure
Real-time AnalyticsHadoop, Spark, Big Data, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM

Bottom Line:

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