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Best blogging platform

Most online writers think that blogging platforms require a lot of formatting investment in terms of text, images, videos, and links. But that’s not absolutely true! Free availability of best blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumbler, Joomla redefines content development and management practices. In a few words, you can say that the popularity of blogging has paved a number of blogging platform options for individuals and businesses. 

Best Blogging Platform for Writers – Here’s a list of Top 7 Sites

Best blogging platform

Do you have a constant passion for writing? In today’s time, most of us are freelance writers who like to do regular blogging in our leisure time. Isn’t that true? If you are one among them who is looking, to begin with, for a free blogging platform, check out the top picks of 2020. Prior to starting your blog, it’s of utmost necessity to understand your niches and the goals you want to accomplish through your blog. WordPress and Blogger are among the best free blogging platforms available for spirited writers. We say you have multiple goods to go reasons to start your blog. So, why waiting when you have the potentials to pen down your imagination in a specialized domain. 

Not just a class of features, these blogging platforms are also popular for free security certificate services.  To achieve all your specific goals, there are no constraints and you have worthy of options around. For that, you don’t have to dig the best free blogging platform 2020 on multiple search engines as we have collected all the best platforms here on one special platform. Let’s begin writing and leveraging our content from scratch. 

1. Medium

2. Jekyll

3. Tumblr

4. Ghost

5. Wix

6. WordPress

7. Squarespace

Best Blogging Platform for Developers – Here’s a List of Top 7 Sites

Best blogging platform

While you were approaching your web development career, you must have dig multiple blog sites, don’t you? Well, you had lots of material and resources when you were into the learning phase that’s where open-source blogs profit you. Some blogging platforms are really not a perfect fit for the developers. This is because most of these Best blogging platforms are clustered with the bulk of features that developers are not really making use of. Be it, writers or developers, there are plenty of options for blogging platforms that are open-source and free to use for targeting readers online. 

Generally, most of the blogging platforms are open-source for developers, and here is the list. Ideally, these blogging platforms serve unlimited benefits for top coders at different levels. Probably, most of them are free to use. 

1. Listed 

2. Hugo

3. Hexo

4. Pelican

5. Bolt

6. Poet

7. Nikola

In the final analysis…

Through the best blogging sites, you can conveniently structure and present your content intuitively without putting in technical efforts. So, before cracking new posts, you must begin by exploring the best free blogging platforms online. 

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