How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Android App Developer?

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Android app developers are easy to come by these days. However, finding someone who understands your project and operates according to your specifications is difficult.

So, how much does it cost to hire android app developer? Depending on the developer’s experience, this can range from very low to very high. When deciding to invest in a smartphone application, the foregoing are a few of the fundamental questions to deem:

  • Cost To Hire Android App Developer
  • Cost Factors For Android App Developers
  • Hire An Android App Development Company: Checklist!
  • Cost To Hire Android App Developers: How To Calculate It?
  • Hiring Android App Developers: Mistakes To Avoid!
  • Finding A Reliable Android App Development Company?


As part of this article, we will examine all the factors that make up the total cost to hire android app developers.

Cost To Hire Android App Developers

Hiring a developer for an Android application often starts at around $10,000. The cost range varies depending on factors such as the developer’s competence, computational complexity, and plenty more. Whatever industry you are in, you require a mobile app and the best app development software. Furthermore, app developers in India are generally hired for $15 per hour and the cost increases with the level of customization required. As a result, you must guarantee that you engage android app developers from an experienced mobile app development company


Among all regions of the world, Southeast Asia has the lowest cost to hire android app developers. 

Cost Factors For Android App Developers

If you want to know what elements influence app developer rates per hour, things can get a bit confusing because there are multiple of them, and they tend to influence the pricing in different quantities. The most crucial elements while determining the cost to hire android app developers are

1. Qualifications / Skills

Simply stated, where did the developer receive their education and what talents do they possess? The greater the cost per hour, the more talent is required. Some of them go in tandem (like UI/UX) and normally do not exceed the hourly rate of a mobile app developer, but if you are looking to employ a full-stack developer to cover many phases of development, the prices per hour can be greatly affected.

2. Experience

The hourly rate for a mobile app developer with decades of experience (and excellent evaluations!) is more than the hourly rate for a developer who has recently graduated from corresponding programs. And, while experience is not directly related to the quality of the job accomplished, it has a substantial impact on the cost of hiring.

3. Location

A key factor influencing hourly rates is location. It is heavily influenced by the country’s level of life and cost of living, as well as labor market saturation. For instance, if we examine how much app developers charge per hour in the United States to Ukraine, we can see that American coders might be seven times more expensive.

4. Technology

The cost per hour is also determined by the technology stack you are looking for. Because the IT market is extremely adaptable and swiftly adapts, programmers quickly occupy in-demand niches, but hiring a developer who specializes in a more unusual technology (whether it is a programming language or a framework) is often more expensive.

5. Complexity

In addition to the hourly rate, the complexity of the project also determines the cost. In general, some developers prefer to work with well-known patterns and avoid stepping outside of their comfort zones; others, however, enjoy challenges, but these typically result in lower rates.

Let’s consider the various types of applications and the prices they cost.

Simple Mobile Application – $10,000$50,000

Complex Mobile Application – $50,000$150,000

Advanced Mobile Application – $150,000 and beyond

Cost To Hire Android App Developers: How To Calculate It?

This question does not have a clear answer. The cost to hire android app developers is determined by several factors. In a sentence, you must be clear on the following elements to determine which type of developer would best meet your project’s needs and how much it costs to employ a mobile app developer.

  • Term of the project.
  • Development tasks.
  • Development stacks.
  • Developing level.
  • Developer’s location.


android developer

A great combination of these variables will assist you in locating the best android app development company for your specific project needs.

Hire An Android App Development Company: Checklist!

Having gone through the cost to hire android app developers, we can move on to the next step. Here are the key characteristics you should look for when hiring an app developer. Characteristics include

  • Security of tasks.
  • Affordably priced.
  • Authenticity.
  • Item tracking.
  • Managing risks.
  • Result-oriented.
  • Effortless.
  • Tracking projects.

Hiring Android App Developers: Mistakes To Avoid!

Android app developers are frequently charged more for their services because of the mistakes they make. These errors can be illustrated by the following examples.

  • Comparing prices.
  • Expertise-based.
  • Starting from scratch.
  • Poor portfolio review.
  • Timeline & budget missing.
  • No long-term planning.
  • Poor communication.
  • NDAs & legal agreements.

Finding A Reliable Android App Development Company?

You should engage a developer if you want to create mobile applications. Hiring an offshore company in Southeast Asia, such as India, is a viable option. Finding the right developer for your project, on the other hand, is a difficult task. Here are a few important tips to help you select the best android app development company.

android developer

Additionally when seeking the cost to hire android app developer, check out the company’s profile to see what types of work it has undertaken in the past and the feedback it has received from clients. Looking at the company’s previous work history will help you better comprehend its abilities. During the development phase, look into the communication method as well.

Another important factor to consider is the excellent UI/UX design. If your UI design can keep the user engaged for prolonged periods, you’ll have won half the battle. When hiring an offshore development company, ensure that they have experience creating distinctive applications with good user interface designs.

Last but not least, ask about payment options. To minimize surprises, ask if they will sign the NDA and if there are any hidden expenses in the payment. You should also make certain that the program is bug-free and thoroughly tested before releasing it.

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