How Long Does It Take To Develop A Mobile App?

Mobile App Development

This is probably the most often asked question by our clientele. Mobile apps are continually accelerating market change by targeting customers and corporate operations. Surprisingly, according to sources, mobile app demand and profits are expected to reach $613 billion by 2025. As a result, it’s time to examine in greater detail every component influencing the mobile app development process.

Several factors contribute to the time it takes to construct an app. Still, based on our experience, it is important to know what resources you will have access to, what your project is intended to be, and what skill levels you can utilize during the mobile app development process.

To elaborate, let’s start with the following that goes into bringing it to existence.

How Long Does It Take For The Creation Of A Mobile App?

We recognize that each app is distinctive in its way. The answer to the issue of how long it takes to create an app is not black and white. In addition, the entire mobile app development process comprises of stages based on the app’s specs. It is often determined by the type of app and the expertise of the app development company in charge of the project.

Apple’s iOS and Android are two of the most popular smartphone operating systems. When building mobile apps, you must first determine whether to go for iOS app development or android app development.

There are some game-changer distinctions between iOS app development and android app development:

  • App developers for iOS use Swift, whereas app developers for Android use Java or Kotlin.
  • iPhones and iPads have comparable screen sizes with Apple devices. Because Android devices come in a wide range of screen sizes, you’ll need to focus more on user interfaces and case-by-case development to assure interoperability and effectiveness.
  • Users of iOS and Android apps differ in terms of age, wealth, hours spent on apps, geography, and so on. Users of Apple products tend to be younger and more wealthy than users of Android products.

However, keep in mind since you are committing your money, that the mobile app development cost is directly proportional to the time it takes to build an application. So, carefully assess all stages of mobile app development and the time it takes to launch an app and only then hire mobile app developer to be on the right track.

What Is The Mobile App Development Process?

As the next step in our discussion, let’s examine how an app is developed for a mobile device and how the app development process works. You should keep in mind that both iOS app development and android app development follow the same phases.


You can achieve success with your app if the idea is beneficial to your app’s users. Identify your prospective customers’ demographics, motivations, and behaviour patterns.


You can identify usability issues by sketching a detailed representation of your app’s envisioned user interface. Once you’ve sketched your ideas, wireframe them to refine and organize them.

#Prototyping & Designing

Prototypes can validate facts and other details gathered about an application. Whereas, designing makes it easier for you to envision the final outcome.


It is the core part of the mobile app development process that involves the design, implementation, testing, and deployment of the mobile application.


In order to test the user experience of the app, potential users access it. Your app will be better understood from their perspective by their feedback and opinions.


As a final step, it is essential to publish the app in the app store as soon as possible. Also, keeping it up-to-date is essential to prevent bugs and improve user experience.

What Is The Cost Of Building A Mobile Application?

Mobile application development costs have a variety of causes. It has been reported that the mobile app development cost of developing a mobile app can range anywhere from $25,000 to over $200,000. 

Several factors affect the mobile app development cost of custom mobile app development, including the app’s complexity, its features and functionalities, and many others. Considering all the influencing factors will enable you to arrive at an approximate mobile app development cost for devising your innovative app idea. 

If you are interested in getting the most acceptable mobile app development services, it is best to hire mobile app developer. Experts here help you launch next-generation apps thanks to their focus on innovation and scalability. 

What Slows Down The App Development Process?

Numerous reasons contribute to the latency in mobile app development.

a. Modifications to the project midway

Developing an app involves several stages linked together. The process inevitably slows down if there are abrupt changes to the plan. When a mid-project adjustment is made to an already developed code base, the performance of the application may also suffer. 

b. Developers with little or no experience

Often, corporations, particularly start-ups, make the blunder of hiring developers who aren’t capable of the job. This results in a slower process and an inferior application for the business. With the support of our talented and experienced staff, we are able to consistently deliver high-quality applications at iByte, the leading app development company. Additionally, we have assisted our clients with developing app concepts to ensure they achieve the best possible results.

c. Technologies of a complex nature

Many technologies, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, VR/AR, and others, slow the mobile app development process for mobile apps. These technologies enhance the app’s experience, but this comes at a price. The cost of employing cutting-edge technology is that it may slow down the mobile app development process. Due to the sophistication of the technology, it takes time to integrate the app.

How Can The Process Of Mobile App Development Be Sped Up?

Mobile App Development

Now that we know how to make an app, we are ready to discuss what it takes to create one. In addition, we are aware of the factors that slow down the development process for an application. Let’s sneak a peek at the aspects that sped up the app development process.

1. MVPs and Prototyping

MVPs or prototypes are excellent tools for saving time. They as a result, are build easily, resembling the original concept. A developer can add features to the MVPs and improve existing ones after the MVPs have been released.

2. Agile development

Due to its ability to shorten the development cycle, numerous mobile app development companies use agile development as an alternative.  Starting from scratch is a challenge that enterprises cannot cope with. This framework provides a flexible and agile programming structure, making it ideal for open-ended interaction between developers and users. Essentially, it ensures the on-time delivery of your application by accelerating the development process.

3. Automated testing

Thanks to automation, this form of testing is one of the critical development phases that speeds up the mobile app development cycle for mobile applications. The funniest bit about automated testing is that it can perform many tests simultaneously. With automated testing, the application’s security is enhances, and manual testing is reduces. Moreover, using more than one testing approach can result in error-free code.

4. Go for cross-platform development

Cross platform app development makes it possible to target numerous mobile platforms with an identical codebase, rewriting and re-compiling your code to run throughout multiple devices, which accelerates mobile app development. Moreover, cross platform app development

platforms such as Xamarin and Flutter SDK are extremely handy.

  • Xamarin

It is a package of developer tools that enables you to address Android, iOS, and Windows with a single C# codebase, .NET, and the Visual Studio IDE. Xamarin applications make use of both system and hardware-specific APIs.

  • Flutter SDK

It’s a bit new, but as a Microsoft product, it’s an appealing option for Android developers looking to extend onto iOS. You can use native code to synchronously launch your code for iOS, Android, and Windows.

5. Hire skilled app developers

If you use a step-by-step strategy, mobile application development might be a simple procedure. However, you must act with caution at each phase, carefully evaluating the process based on the importance of functionality. If you are unsure where, to begin with, your mobile app development project but want to expand the reach of your app development company with mobile applications, iByte Infomatics Inc. can assist you in creating your mobile app.

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This was our view on the timeframe for mobile app development, its process, factors that delay the process, and some methods for shortening the app development period. If you have this information at your disposal, you will be able to make an informed decision regarding whether you are capable of bringing your idea to life.

iByte Infomatics Inc. can help you hire mobile app developer right away by scheduling a 30-minute free consultation.

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