Website vs Web App Development: Which One To Consider For Your Business?

People usually get confused between the terms “websites” & “web app development”. Both of them may sound alike but are very different. Let us help you understand these terms from the business viewpoint. At iByte Infomatics, we offer the best web app development to enhance your business activities with the help & hard work of our skilled web app developers!

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Adaptive vs. Responsive Web Design

Adaptive vs Responsive Design | How Do They Differ?

The trend of web design has changed over the years. Previously, people only focused on creating a web design that fits on a desktop screen, but when mobile phones became popular, things fell apart. Now, developers are focusing more on fitting the web designs almost on every screen. But there is still a lot of confusion among naive designers. They are unable to distinguish between adaptive and responsive design.

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Best Homepage Design Ideas For Your Website | iByte Infomatics

The homepage is one of the most important aspects of any website. Whenever someone visits your website, the first thing they notice is your homepage. Be it a startup or a large firm, almost everyone tries their best to make the design of their homepage attractive. These visual attractions are the best practice a business can adopt to scale its user base. Hence, it becomes very crucial to keep the homepage of the website in excellent quality.

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