The Unrivalled Guide To App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization

Have you ever wondered how the apps are displayed in a ranking order when you search a particular category? For instance, if you type racing games in your app store, an ordered list is presented. Why does this happen? Who makes this list? On what basis are these applications ranked? To answer such questions in simple terms, one might give credit to App Store Optimization. Many of you might not be familiar with that term. Let us begin by understanding that.

What Is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization, most of the time known as ASO, refers to the procedure or approach used which assists in enhancing the accessibility and visibility of the application. Moreover, better the clarity of your application, better the target reachability. This aids in building an expanded app conversion rate.

Where do you usually find the apps? Of course, in the app stores. Among the many app stores, the most famous ones are the Google App Store for Android users and the iOS one for Apple users. With the help of App Store Optimization Services, the various applications in these app stores are able to boost their growth.

The best way of promoting your application is through adopting App Store Optimization Strategies. If you want to learn ASO Marketing skills, then keep reading our blog!


App Store Optimization Strategies


The prime focus should be to determine and locate the right target audience. Try to find out the current trends or requirements that potential customers may be searching for. 
Write down a well-detailed description of your application, attending to different aspects. Mention what it is about, its functions, who it is suitable for, how to use it, and more.

It is really essential that, as the App Store Optimization vendor, you mold your perspective. View the application’s purpose from the user’s point of view. Provide those attributes that would not be beneficial for you but for them. After all, the higher the customer response you’ll get, the higher the rating and productivity you’ll receive. Use an appropriate keyword in the application title for an improved reach.


It is one of the powerful A
pp Store Optimization Strategies used by ASO vendors. Think and come up with such a name that is appealing, unquestionably represents the motive of the application, has a ring to it, is uncomplicated to spell, as well as remember. But don’t make it too lengthy! Keep it precise. Considering, no one likes a name that is too wordy to type or pronounce.

Keep it into consideration that the character limit on a google platform is 50, and for iOS, it is up to 30. From thorough analysis, we have noticed this trick used by established businesses in determining the title. They usually adjoin a keyword or two along with their brand name. That is a very effective way of ASO marketing.

Additionally, most of the app owners put in small extra titles with the main one. To understand this better, check out these notable app examples:

  • Wynk Music – New Songs, Offline Music & Podcast App
  • Zomato – Online Food Delivery & Restaurant Reviews
  • Myntra Online Shopping – Shop Fashion & More

Such app store optimization strategies go a long way. Not only do they make your application attractive but, also they boost their visibility!


So far, one must have come across our statements focusing on using the right keywords. Let’s find out about it in detail.
It is substantially essential to use the proper keywords while App Store Optimization. They help in attracting the right crowd of audience plus users. 

Make sure to make use of such keywords that would be of utmost relevance to the application. The most appropriate way to find this out is through analyzing the search approach of the users. See to it what words they frequently use to search that particular service or application. That was you can use it as your own strategy for ASO marketing. After deciding the most relevant plus effective keywords to boost the application, the next thing to decide is their allocation.

To have a potential effect of the keywords, make sure to use them in the following places:

  • State in the application title
  • Endorse in the subtitle
  • Plugin the classified description
  • Mention it in the URL
  • In-App Purchase

Give it a shot to have more fruitful traffic to your application using this ASO marketing.


Nowadays, people have begun to provide a short plus precise subtitle for their A
pp Store Optimization. Herein, they mention the key points regarding the application. Writing a subtitle is one of the most useful App Store Optimization Strategies. This space allows the ASO vendors to apply more keywords. Automatically, this would draw in a fair share of traffic.

Like others, if you, too, seek to draw in potential targets to your application, make use of this ASO marketing. Try it to see visible growth in the conversation rate through such an App Store Optimization.


Another of the many A
pp Store Optimization Strategies is the designing of the logo! A logo plays a very crucial part in ASO marketing. For instance, when you, yourself, surf through different applications, a first impression is formed simply by looking at the logo. Keeping this perspective in mind, ensure that the graphic designer creates a logo that represents the application in the most suitable style. Avoid writing too much in the icon. Moreover, Select such colors that blend well in mode light, as well as dark modes.

The thumbnail should clearly demonstrate what your application stands for, should be captivating plus striking, and should be mysterious. This way, anyone can rope in a bunch of viewers, without any tough efforts. Just keep in mind the below-stated conditions while constructing the thumbnail: 

A – Thumbnail Size: On the Android platform its size should be around 512×512 pixels. For iOS, it is 1024×1024 pixels.

B – Shape: In Android, it can be of any shape. But in iOS, the icon should be square with rounded corners.

C – Format: The icon should be in PNG format for both Android and iOS applications.

The above-stated are the significant factors to bear in mind while developing App Store Optimization Strategies. Apart from these, there are other aspects such as screenshots, descriptions, etc. There are many vendors offering App Store Optimization Services

At iByte Infomatics, we endeavor to grant one of the best services for ASO marketing. If you are seeking services in App Store Optimization for improved outcomes, get professional assistance from us.

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