Create A Messaging App Like Whatsapp

How to Create A Messaging App Like Whatsapp

Are you thinking of making an app like WhatsApp and wondering how to make it possible? Well, we have presented a complete guide on how to create a messaging app like WhatsApp. This article will guide you from scratch and help you take the right steps towards building an app like WhatsApp. Nowadays, messaging apps like WhatsApp, TikTok, and Facebook have exceeded the expectations of users worldwide and are growing faster than everyone’s expectations.

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Top 5 trending food delivery and ordering apps

Top 5 Trending Food Delivery & Ordering Apps | iByte Infomatics

Getting your food to your doorstep without much effort is the most convenient option that people are looking for. The market is flooded with many food delivery apps but only a few have been successful. With food delivery apps, you can order from your favorite restaurant by just following some simple steps. In this article, we have mentioned the top 5 trending food delivery and ordering apps that were successful in making a profit from this business.

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Adaptive vs. Responsive Web Design

Adaptive vs Responsive Design | How Do They Differ?

The trend of web design has changed over the years. Previously, people only focused on creating a web design that fits on a desktop screen, but when mobile phones became popular, things fell apart. Now, developers are focusing more on fitting the web designs almost on every screen. But there is still a lot of confusion among naive designers. They are unable to distinguish between adaptive and responsive design.

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Best Homepage Design Ideas For Your Website | iByte Infomatics

The homepage is one of the most important aspects of any website. Whenever someone visits your website, the first thing they notice is your homepage. Be it a startup or a large firm, almost everyone tries their best to make the design of their homepage attractive. These visual attractions are the best practice a business can adopt to scale its user base. Hence, it becomes very crucial to keep the homepage of the website in excellent quality.

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Mobile App Development Company

Key Features of Best Mobile App Development Company

With each passing year, the need for mobile application development is increasing rapidly as people are getting accustomed to mobile phones, tablets, and other smart gadgets. New technologies and innovations are setting the standard in the market, and more and more people are contacting mobile development companies to build strong applications to popularize their businesses. But the biggest question in the mind of investors is that in which company to invest? 

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DevOps Tools

DevOps Tools | Latest Essential Tools for DevOps Adoption

Integrating development and operations under one roof, DevOps has enhanced the ability to deliver applications and services at very high speeds with minimal errors. Many companies are now preferring DevOps Adoption and using many high-tech tools due to their huge benefits to strengthen the company’s position in the market. So to help you, we’ve listed some of the best tools that every DevOps company or an expert should adopt to increase workflow efficiency.

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How to Become a DevOps Engineer | The Ultimate Guide To Follow

DevOps is a group of services that software developers and IT professionals perform jointly. This department shortens the system development life cycle and provides continuous delivery of software and security updates to speed up the workflow. In simple terms, DevOps has been invented to meet certain requirements that developers faced. In this area, you will experience a more practical approach rather than theoretical knowledge.

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content management systems

4 Best Easily Operated Content Management Systems

Did you take your first step towards domain buying and hosting but still have trouble choosing software for your content development? Well, iByte Infomatics, a web and mobile development company, is here for you to clear your confusion. We have carefully picked the 4 Best Easily Operated Content Management Systems that are highly effective and are high in demand. But before moving on to the types, we would like you to have a basic knowledge of content management systems.

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